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load 3W Fusible metal film resistor for Computer accessories

Fusible metal film resistor performs two functions at one time. It functions as a resistor under normal
condition and changes into a fuse while abnormal current passes through in order to protect other component
parts on the P.C. board.
Fusible metal film resistor , 1W , small size, 10Ω, +/-5%, tape in box,
Lead Wire diameter: d=0.48mm, Taping width=52mm
  • FR
  • HKR

Fusible metal film resistor charactoristics:


Temperature Coefficient:

Take down the resistance value at the ambient temperature (25℃) and the value after the test taken at the temperature of higher than 100℃ for about 30-40 minutes, the readings will be used  with the following formula to get the T.C. of ±350 PPM/℃.

T.C(PPM/℃) =(R - R0) / R0 × 1/(T - T0)

where T0 : ambient temperature of 25℃

T : test temperature of about 125℃

R0: resistance value at ambient temperature of 25℃

R : resistance value at test temperature of 125℃

Moisture-proof Load Life:

The resistors are put into a constant temperature/ humidity oven where the temperature is 40±2℃ and the relative humidity is 90~95% with the related voltage (not exceeding the maximum working voltage) for 90 minutes and then draw the resistors back to the normal room temperature for 30 minutes-take this as a test cycle. Repeat this test cycle for 500 or  1,000 hours. Leave the tested pieces back to a room temperature for about 60 minutes after the test cycle, take the readings of the resistance value change between pre-and post-test, the change rate is about ±(5.0%R±0.05Ω).

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